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Kim Rienhardt Bathroom Remodel

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Karen Veltkamp Bathroom Remodel

Tips For Choosing Tile For Your Bathroom. Porcelain tiles are making a comeback. With an amazing array of colors, patterns and textures the possibilities are endless. They even mimic marble and granite quite nicely. They are perfect for your bathroom remodel and your best choice for outdoor and indoor tile. Another beautiful thing about it is their design. If they should chip (and they don’t chip easily) the color of the tile runs through it and will make it hard to spot. You can also get them with a non-skid surface for the floor, something you will want for the bathroom floor for sure. Make sure they have a coefficient of friction no less than .6 This is a measurement of what it takes to move an object over the tiles surface, or, how slip resistant they are. However on a bathroom floor, a smaller tile size, like 1” or 2” inch square tile, the grout lines will provide a non- skid surface for the bathroom and shower floor. Also it would be a good idea, when shopping for your floor tile, to take a wet tile sample and run your hand or a shoe across it to see how it will perform. I have been a tile setter and bathroom remodeler for years and can tell you that for your bathroom remodel, you will find your best selection and most reliable information at a tile retailer and not a large home improvement store. Or you can call me at (503) 857-5307

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Jo Lake Bathroom Remodel

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Wallace Bathroom Remodel

Tips For Buying A New Toilet When Remodeling. If you will be replacing and existing toilet. If you simply want to replace an existing toilet, and you are buying on the Internet, then you will want to be sure that the new toilet measurements for the floor drain are the same as the old. You will need to know what the rough-in is. The rough-in refers to the distance from the center of the toilet drain to the wall behind the toilet. The bolts on the lower sides of the toilet that hold it down on the floor will be very close to the center of drain. If yours is just a standard gravity drain style of toilet then you can measure from these bolts to the wall behind and give this measurement to your sales rep and he or she can then make the right recommendations for your fixture. The most common rough-ins are 10 1/2” or 12 1/2”. Don’t worry if its not exact though, because this figure doesn’t take into account your sheet rock or baseboard. So your measurement may be more like 10” or 12”, but your sales rep should be able to figure it out. If you are moving your toilet. If you have not yet designed the layout for your bathroom remodel, here is something to keep in mind. Most plumbing codes call for a minimum of 30”. center to center, between the fixtures. So from the center of your toilet to the center of a bidet, the distance should be 30”. Also from the center of the toilet to the nearest wall you will need a distance of at least 15” and also the same distance to the side of a tub or cabinet. This 15” rule means that there should be about a 4” or so space between your toilet and the next wall or fixture. You can change a toilets rough-in, but this will take some plumbing expertise, and possibly some carpentry as well.

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