Roof Repair             Extending roof life and saving you money is our specialty.      Many homeowners re-roof their homes before it time wasting valuable resources when they could easily extend the life of their roof by hiring a professional to maintain and repair it.   Extending roof life is what we do. I have been a roofing trouble shooter for residential and commercial, flat and pitched roof's for many years now. I locate hard to find leaks. Also I help solve issues caused by poor design.   Having a background in all phases of remodeling gives me a great advantage in locating the source of a leak and repairing any damage it may have caused.   Roof problems can be caused by an endless number of things, the most common thing would be, the installer was cutting a corner or just too tired to want to  see a problem he was looking right at. However, I find at times that a roof leak can be caused by the way the roof and structure were designed to shed water. Design flaws can always be corrected by redesigning them in a way that makes more sense.   Repairs don't have to be expensive.  Most of the repairs I do are very inexpensive.    Quite often, as I said above, a homeowner can extend their roof life with just a little maintenance and/or a few small repairs.    If you should absolutely need a new roof, I would be very happy to provide you with a free and very competitive estimate. I stay current on the latest building materials and technology, and can let you know what your best options are.   So please feel free to call or email me about your roof problems.             Thanks, Frank  at All Seasons Remodeling  Roof Repair Specialist                                  All Seasons Remodeling LLC           Yamhill County (503) 857-5307 Portland (503) 688-9188  Lic. 167366 Bonded Insured. Lead Certified Renovator-Water Damage Restoration                            email:      Yamhill County (503) 857-5307