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Marie Jo Lake Master Bathroom Remodel (Photo's on next page)
  The tile was Italian porcelain, There was so much more color in the tile than what the camera picked up. Like the hall bathroom there is a skylight in the shower stall. I added some small glass tiles and 2” square porcelain tile to make an accent band that you can see in the photos. The sink, toilet and toilet seat were a matching special order color and Jo ordered an extra seat just in case. She figured if the first one got damaged somehow she would have a back-up reasoning that she might never get another one in that color. I thought that was a great idea.             We were waiting on some back-ordered cabinet door pulls when I took these photos as you can see in on of the pictures. The tile in this bathroom remodel is among my most favorite, it really feels like art work inside, not just tile.

Marie Jo Lake Guest Bathroom Remodel (Photo's on next page) 
  In the first group of bathroom remodel photos, we removed the bathtub and built a shower in its place. For the shower pan and surround we went with a cultured marble for material. It is really a good looking material and will be very easy to keep clean. I especially like the matching corner seat. We installed 2 shampoo shelves and a couple of grab-bars, the grab-bars because she is retired, and going stay in this house as long as she can. Also they provide something to hang a wet towel or washcloth on. I think its a great idea to plan a little for the future like she did with the grab-bars, whether it is a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, or whatever. Jo chose clear glass for shower sliders which plays well in a couple of ways, one thing is it makes the otherwise narrow looking room look much more spacious. Then too, it showcases the cultured marble, but what put it over the top for me was the sun tunnel (skylight) we installed over the shower, it just fills it with light during the day.
  The trim pieces like the shower valves and head, sink faucet and handles, toilet flush handle, towel bars etc. were all brushed nickel finish. The medicine cabinet has a fixed mirror in the middle and opening mirrored doors on the sides that both open inward so you can see yourself on three sides.
  Both cabinets were custom made and we just couldn’t have been more pleased with how they turned out. I want to say something about the tile. The floor tile was the last of a batch that was discontinued. I had never seen anything quite like it before, it had these slight little veins of gold here and there running through it, not a lot of it but just enough to catch your eye. I liked it because it was a good porcelain and had nice color that would work well with the cabinets. The best thing though to me was how the tile came to life after the bathroom was finished. Jo had a neighbor that came in and hand painted the walls in a faux style that had a few different colors that matched the cabinets, body color of the tile, and some gold. It doesn’t show up well in the photos but when you walk in the room its simply amazing how the wall colors make the gold in the tile just pop out at you.

Kim Rienhardt Bathroom Remodel (Photo's on next page)
To whom it may concern: Frank Alameda has done three construction projects on my home and all have been done with great precision and esthetic sense. His work was done on time and within the price estimated. He repaired extensive damage to our upper eves. He was thorough in the damage and making the repairs blend seamlessly with the body of the house. He fixed our roof which was in poor condition due to age and weather, giving it three more years of use, before replacement. The largest project was the remodel of our ugly, dated, and dry-rot-afflicted bathroom. This job involved moving walls and a doorway, building a new shower, installing and hanging new doors. The most beautiful and exacting work was his tile-setting. He tiled the floors, walls, and the shower for which he constructed a beautiful tiled bench. With Florentine accent tiles he achieved spectacular and flawless results. I would recommend Frank Alameda unreservedly for any construction project. He is a friendly and cooperative craftsman. Kim B. Rienhart.

Gary and Vicky Smith Bathroom Remodel (Photo's on next page)
We took pictures of their 1950's bathroom with pink toilet, sink, and Tub, before removing it. Installed a larger jetted drop in tub. Tile was porcelain with glass inlay's. Two ressesed shampoo shelves. Tile surround up to cieling and lid with vent. Brushed nickle accesories for valves, curtain bar, and sinks. Double vessel sinks on vanity purchased from The sconce lighting fixtures were purchased from Mirrors at The vanity and corner cabinets were a matching style. Inside the corner cabinet we installes an outlet to charge the toothe brush battery and shaver. Glass backsplash for vanity.

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